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LipService Theatre was created by comedy duo Sue Ryding and the late Maggie Fox. During a 43 year career together they created 22 original comedies for the theatre, plus a series on Radio 4 and many TV appearances.

COMING SOON! A digital archive of vintage clips, photos, reviews in order of decade.

Chateau Ghoul “Most Haunted” event

To celebrate the life of comedy legend Maggie Fox, LipService  present a digital version of the Chateau Ghoul stage show. Chateau Ghoul Encore Une Fois  combines filmed footage from the live stage show, plus archive LipService clips. So lots of Maggie to enjoy on film. With a special introduction by Gwenda Hughes, who interviews Sue Ryding and Mark Chatterton. Plus a special guest appearance from LipService favourite Darren Southworth. Darren is reprising his role of Dean from Desperate to be Doris. Dean is now caretaker at Chateau Ghoul, but possessed by the spirit of Judy Garland! Watch here

The Bronte sisters in quarantine

Mrs Gaskell’s online book club

Our mission

LipService create original comedies from a distinctly female perspective. We have won many awards, most recently the Stage Door Foundation Award for Excellence.

LipService Theatre is delighted to be an Associate Artist at Salford University.

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Audio Description introduction for the Chateau Ghoul “Most Haunted” event

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