Withering Looks

Withering Looks takes an authentic look at the lives and works of the Brontë sisters, well, two of them actually, Anne’s just popped out for a cup of sugar. Who is the Bronte’s mysterious neighbour, Mr Moorcock of Ravaged Heath House? Do Lost Souls really wander the wild and heather clad moors? Who should Cathy marry? Heathcliff or David Niven? Plus, Manchester’s very own Mrs Gaskell drops by for tea and sympathy. Withering Looks won a Manchester Evening News Theatre Award and the Critics’ award for Comedy at the Edinburgh Festival. The show has also toured in Eastern Europe, Germany and the USA.

“It's a joy - very, very funny” The Guardian

They sing, dance and even create their own wind machine. One day I confidently expect them to flyLondon Evening Standard

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Cast & Creatives

Written & performed by Maggie Fox & Sue Ryding

Directed by Noreen Kershaw

Designed by Wrench & Franks

Music composed by Ian Heywood

Lighting designed by Phil Clarke


Running time

First half 45 mins

Second half 35 mins

LipService on Tour

Withering Looks kicks off our autumn tour at SJT Scarborough on 21st September. Visit our tour schedule for more details

Withering Looks trailer

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